Aaron Ullmer

Digital Design Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

DVT Eclipse is the best IDE that I have used for HDL Design. It has all the major features that I would expect (code formatting, incremental compilation, easy navigation between modules, autocomplete, etc) and has significantly improved my coding efficiency. The tool is well worth the cost of the license, and I have yet to find anything that compares to it. The team at AMIQ is also extremely helpful and responsive to questions that I have about the tool. I would highly recommend this to anyone doing FPGA Design or Verification.

Yefim Fainstein

VLSI Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

The project compilation and smart coding assist features in the DVT Eclipse IDE shorten design time significantly. The AMIQ RnD is very responsive to bug fixes and new feature requests.

Amir Levy

Principal Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

We are using the DVT Eclipse IDE for some time now and it brings us a significant boost to productivity. I can't imagine how one can work without this IDE. In addition to the great features the tool supplies (such as on-the-fly auto completion, error detection, hyperlinks, macro expansions, goto options, etc...), the AMIQ team is giving us a very good support and they deliver new features and fixes really fast.

Yuval Shalom

VLSI Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

The DVT Eclipse IDE makes it so much simpler to dive into an existing complicated code. I have encountered some pieces of code that were nearly impossible to understand without it. It saves so much time by finding bugs while you type, not only trivial errors and typos, but also understanding side effects across the entire project when modifying the code. The support team is extremely responsive and helpful, and they promptly add new features upon request.

Gregory Augier

Verification Manager | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

AMIQ's products for design verification are bringing the development of advanced UVM testbenches to the next level, on par with the most advanced object oriented software projects. The DVT Eclipse IDE and Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter are now at the center of the verification development workflow and have become instrumental to the success of our verification challenges.

Abeesh Mahaveer

Senior ASIC Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

We are using DVT Eclipse IDE in our team and it is a great tool for development , debug and error tracing. The quick navigation and auto-complete feature saves a lot of time and makes me use this time rather on understanding the IP/test bench blocks thus increasing my productivity. The on the fly compile feature also saves a lot of time by spotting coding style errors early. Overall I feel a great tool with nice syntax highlights, quick navigation and quick compilation features.

Uri Wiener

Logic Designer

Working with the DVT Eclipse IDE is a game changer. It allows focusing on development and significantly boosts my productivity. On top of that, it's an absolute pleasure working with AMIQ. Their support is excellent (always prompt, useful and friendly), and they listen to my needs (adding new features that further make my life easier).

Kara Tervooren

Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

DVT Eclipse IDE has been an invaluable tool. As a member of an EDA team, I work with several business units. I use DVT Eclipse because it allows me to become familiar with their environment quickly. I can use the tool's browser-style navigation capability, hyperlinks, and intelligent searching mechanism. I can see the testbench and design hierarchy. I can also create architecture diagrams at any granularity.

DVT Eclipse IDE is also useful for people who are learning how to develop testbenches using UVM, SystemVerilog, and C++. The tool shows compilation errors as you type. It enables code creation through auto-completion, code templates, module instantiation, etc. These features are helpful for new verification engineers as well as seasoned ones because it greatly improves their efficiency.

The support for this tool is amazing. The people at AMIQ are always available the moment we need help. If we need the tool to support something that it doesn't, they implement a fix and release a new version of the tool immediately. AMIQ is the best!

Cristian Ramos-Espinoza

Senior Digital Design Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I have been using the DVT Eclipse IDE since September 2008, version 2.0, and guess what, I'm still using it. During this time, I have requested bug fixes and enhancements, and I may say that I'm not disappointed!

As customer, their customer support have always been very good and the enhancements and bug fixes have been implemented. Just for this I would 100% recommend using DVT Eclipse, but that is just a start.

When it comes to editing and changing the code, you have access to:

  • Semantic colouring
  • Update module instantiation (very handy when changing the underlying components)
  • Code and project templates
  • Integration with code revision (clearcase, perforce and mylyn makes task focused work great!)
  • Logs from tools output with hiperlinks enabled to jump into source code (jump to warnings/errors in source code from logs :)
  • And much more...

It has a great search engine, and for browsing code, to the jump to definition, is something that you just can’t get enough! With the latest state diagram and the inspect view, makes understanding and debugging RTL a delight. With the integration of CDT and all the verification support for UVM, DVT Eclipse have you covered.

You can, more or less in an hour, for a complex project, have a complete DVT project up and running (just parse the output logs for commands for the DVT plugin and you would be amazed!)

I use DVT Eclipse plugin every day, and all this time it has given me an edge when it comes to debugging and understanding the RTL. If you are reading this, don’t hesitate! Go for it! DVT Eclipse is really good!

Laurent Martin-Borret

IP Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

DVT Eclipse IDE is the essential tool for functional verification. I first started using it 10 years ago, for e language first, then for SV-UVM. For sure I couldn’t live without it!

It brings major features that increase quality & productivity when building or browsing verification code: on-the-fly code compilation, hyperlinks, auto completion… and this is just the beginning of the list! How painful is it to rename a widely used SystemVerilog class? It is just a matter of seconds with DVT!

DVT is a quite high quality tool, so you don’t often need to get in touch with support. But when you do get in touch with Amiq guys, you get reactive & efficient support: no useless calls or mail exchanges, they just immediately understand your request, provide an immediate workaround if needed and a fix in a more than acceptable timeframe.

It is always a pleasure to work with Amiq.