Dan Romaine

Verification Lead | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I am a big fan of the DVT Eclipse IDE. After several years of use, I find so many of its features useful in daily verification work. I also find that the engineers at AMIQ are great to interact with, and always improving an already powerful tool.

Malcolm Franklin

Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I have been using the DVT Eclipse IDE for a year. It is a tremendous productivity tool. It identifies syntax errors, eliminating multiple compilations to get past editing errors. The auto-completion of class method and module method names and fields is a major help. I do not have to go back to the defining code to get the correct spellings; I simply pick from a list. The editor will show you the the values of `defined macros. Similarly, the tool offers auto-completion of macro names. The code reformatting/pretty-printing feature works wonderfully. This just scratches the surface of the available features. I love it!

Daniel Scheit

The DVT Eclipse IDE is a MUST HAVE for me. It is one of my main tools for productive VHDL coding which I like using every day because of:

  • Powerful features: This plugin saves me precious development time through semantic-based auto completion and navigation, visualization of code, fast template insertion, partial recompilation and many more helpful features.
  • Great stability: I could always rely on DVT. I cannot even remember a crash.
  • Continuous development: Issues are solved fast and features are added regularly.
  • Helpful, pleasant and responsive support: Whenever I had an issue, a question or a feature proposal, DVT development team was there to find a solution quickly.

Thank you AMIQ for having so much more fun writing VHDL code.

Ben Cohen

Author of SVA Handbook | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I strongly view the DVT Eclipse IDE as an essential element in the design and verification of complex designs; it is a well-integrated tool that not only allows correct-by-construction code per standard guidelines but provides users a very deep understanding of the design to facilitate debugging and communication.

What I loved about AMIQ EDA's DVT Eclipse IDE is that:

  1. it is a well thought-out, mature set of integrated tools for creating SystemVerilog and VHDL designs and verification environments (particularly UVM) such that the project is correct by construction;
  2. is supported by an in-depth structural and UML view of the architecture (including UVM and classes);
  3. is supported by a smart editor that understand the structure of the language and the structure of the design, thus providing features such as smart templates, auto-complete with list of potential objects; the editor can beautify code and declutter the view of code by hiding bodies of structures that are irrelevant to debugging (e.g., modules, functions, always, tasks, etc); ease of global rename changes (e,g., signal / function / module) using refactoring;
  4. automatically compiles code on the fly to detect coding errors;
  5. automatically generates html documentation about all information needed for the design (e.g., modules, interfaces, assertions, classes, macros, packages, covergoups);
  6. provides a smart SV linting including compliance to UVM best-use rules, and statistics about usage of sequences, assertions, coverage, and messaging).

Greg Glennon

Principal Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

Working in a startup means you’re understaffed and must move as fast as possible. The DVT Eclipse IDE has proved itself many times over as an invaluable tool in both speeding up the development and enhancing the quality of our UVM verification environments. The quality, friendliness, and speed of their support staff are also a joy to work with.

Marco Brambilla

Associate VP Engineering | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

AMIQ's DVT Eclipse IDE helped my team tackle a massive Verilog + VHDL project. Without the editing features, the design hierarchy views, and the ability to trace signals through all levels of hierarchy, it would have been a nightmare to manage and debug this chip. DVT is now part of my standard design flow.

Daniel Grosskopf

Senior Staff Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

In the EDA industry, sometimes the tools are exceptional, but the support not so much. AMIQ is checking both boxes with ease. The DVT Eclipse IDE and Verissimo SystemVerilog Linter are great tools, very well integrated, and AMIQ is going the extra mile making sure the tools work well in our environment and we understand how to get the most of them, providing promptly enhancements when needed.

Sergey Balber

Senior ASIC Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

The DVT Eclipse IDE brings the Chip-Design logic development into the 21st century. For years I was asking myself how come we are different from all other "code-writers" ? Why the SW developers have IDE and we have editors ? DVT provides us with all those benefits from the standard coding world, It is a very user-friendly and highly-efficient tool in terms of code debug and tracking. And it saves you a lot of time !!! Thanks AMIQ for the support.

Sakthi Subramanian

ASIC Principal Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

First of all, I would like to say the DVT Eclipse IDE is a great tool, it has saved me from having to type so much.

James Ferris

Verification Consultant | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

The DVT Eclipse IDE is working superbly for me – it’s one of the most useful EDA tools I’ve used.